Gigastone, collaborating with the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County, exclusively sponsors advertisements of Yilan International Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival on buses.
Advertising on the Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Bus Co. is officially launched on July 9. During the International Folklore & Folkgame Festival (July 7 to August 19), passengers taking Kuo-Kuang buses from Taipei West B to Taichung, Yuanlin, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, etc., can see advertisements of the Yilan International Folklore & Folkgame Festival exclusively sponsored by Gigastone (5262), "the expert of wireless storage". Gigastone (5262) is a large manufacturer of mobile phone peripheral products. Its 2011 accumulated revenue was NTD9.3 billion and the shipment volume of memory cards in 2011 was over 100 million units. In August 2012, Gigastone is going to release its new product Smart Box A2. This new product has the function of wireless storage to expand memory capacity for mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, it can function as a portable charger to recharge mobile phones and tablets.