Q1: Why there is no reaction on the wireless charging pad and USB output when QP-8361B is plugged in a socket?
A1: If there is no device being charged for over 16 seconds, the QP-8361B will shut down to save power. Therefore, please press the power button to re-activate the wireless charging function and USB output function.
Q2: Is AC charger charging for the power bank when using USB Type-C or USB Type-A to charge a device?
A2: When using USB Type-C or USB Type-A output, the AC charger can charge for the power bank itself when the battery capacity is at least 70%. When the USB Type-C or USB Type-A is being used, the AC charger will prioritize the low- battery devices with 400mA small current.
Q3: What is the reason that the battery capacity drops fast?
A3: The battery needs the complete cycle of discharge and charge, and it makes the electricity stable. The LED display will be compatible with the physical battery.