P1H-52S - 5200mAh Power Bank​
• Power status LED number display
• Samsung Li-on rechargeable batteries inside
• 5200mAh
• Pocket-sized
• Power surge & overheating protection
• 1 year warranty


Best Solution for Mobile Devices

   Gigastone Universal Power Charger P1H-52S with Samsung
   rechargeable batteries, provides 1000mA per hour rapid charge to
   smart phones. Once fully charged, P1H-52S can provide charge an
   iPhone 2 times over.
   * Actual time of recharging depends on electronic quantity and
   usage situation.



Mobile Charger

• A portable power source with a capacity of 5200mA
• DC 5V/1000mA output to recharge mobile phones rapidly 


     Security Protection

     • Over voltage protection
     • Over current protection
     • Over heating protection
     • Short circuit protection


Power Saving Mode

• Inactivity automatic shutdown 

     LED Number Indication

     • Power level indication with simple button push
     • Displays percentage of power left




Product Name Power Bank
Model Name P1H-52S
Capacity 000mAh
Dimensions 86  x 44 x 19 mm
Input 2A 
Output 2.4A
Warranty 1 Year

Support Media Type